Photos: Anne Kansiime shares a sneak peek into her new TV show

Kansiime headlines in new TV series dubbed “The Girl from Mparo”
March 10, 2017
Photos: Kansiime Tour 2017 – South Africa
April 2, 2017

Anne Kansiime is working on a new drama series. The pint-sized funny woman is set to unveil a new African sitcom dubbed “The Girl From Mparo”.
Anne Kansiime, who has grown into a YouTube sensation with her hilarious clips about day-to-day life, is expected to highlight the struggles of adapting to life in the city having grown up in the village in the upcoming drama series.

Kansiime has now shared a sneak peek into the upcoming show, revealing the cast as well. “You will love this African sitcom,” she said. “The Girl From Mparo is another of God’s miracles in my life.”

The sitcom will be airing on one of the local TV channels very soon.

Check out the photos below.

Credit: Big Eye