Kansiime promises to tickle comedy lovers

What’s on this weekend? Seka Live comedy
August 23, 2017
Kansiime thrills at Seka Live comedy
August 28, 2017

Anne Kansiime is in Kigali already ahead of Seka Live, the third edition of the comedy series, slated for this Saturday 26th August 2017 at Kigali Serena Hotel.

Kansiime arrived in the country on Thursday to prepare for the show. She has promised to sing, dance and if need be ‘tickle her ninjas’ to make them laugh.

The Kabale-born comedian arrived by road through Gatuna after a stopover in her home town in South Western Uganda, and she has promised Rwandans a thrilling show, part of which she says is to celebrate “Our Mr Handsome winning” in reference to President Paul Kagame’s recent election victory.

Kansiime’s jokes connect with many Rwandans. Her last performance last year in July attracted a big number of people at Kigali Serena Hotel.

According to comedian Arthur Nkusi of ARTN Entertainment, which is bringing the petite comedienne, the show will feature a number of comedians including himself and Michael Sengazi, Babu and Herve Kimenya, who formed the now defunct Comedy Knights outfit, among others.

Kansiime has built a name at a continental level as one of Africa’s finest comedians.

The Seka Live comedy series was initiated in March this year, and in its inaugural edition it featured a host of regional popular comedians, including Kenya’s Eric Omondi.

The second edition, in May, featured Ugandan comedian Teacher Mpamire Herbert Mendo Ssegujja, and Burundian Kigingi.

In a promotional video, Kansiime urged her ‘ninjas’, a nickname she gives her fans, to look for each other and come this Saturday and “love ourselves”, adding that she can’t wait to make everybody laugh.

There will be music from upcoming singer Syntex featuring the Umurage live band. Syntex is comedian Arthur Nkusi’s younger brother.

Previous editions of the Seka Live comedy shows saw performances from local gospel music outfit, Beauty for Ashes.

According to organisers, Seka Live’s long-term goal is to become a regular Kigali comedy festival that brings together leading standup comedians from across the continent to perform for several days.

Tickets go for Rwf 10,000 and Rwf 25,000 for VIP seats.

Credit: The New Times Rwanda