Kansiime headlines in new TV series dubbed “The Girl from Mparo”

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February 28, 2017
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March 22, 2017

If you thought ‘Don’t mess with Kansiime,’ was all comedienne Ann Kansiime had to offer, then you got to read this! Kansiime is the headliner in a new TV series dubbed “The Girl from Mparo!”

The title alone should tell it all. Mparo is Kansiime’s ancestral home in Kabale. Well, according to sources, the production is an African sitcom, also the first of its kind on the Ugandan market.

The story revolves around a village girl brought to the city to help out her pregnant aunt who is married to an adventurous businessman that has a swagger-obsessed son. She tries to fit in but always seems to cause one scandal after another.

The cast includes Raymond Rushabiro, Eva Kemizinga, Akite Agnes, Frobisher Lwanga and of course the lead – Kansiime. The cast will stretch to rich guest celebrity actors that will help enrich and spice up the sitcom.

Credit: www.matookerepublic.com