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July 11, 2019
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July 19, 2019

I got an opportunity to speak to young Accountants about my Digital Banking experience with the Standard Chartered Bank.

The things I have experienced with new technology bring me some silly thoughts.

Imagine a world where when you get married your spouse is fitted with a chip and you can locate them anytime🤓😊
Relax guys, I know what you are thinking, in a marriage that would eventually get boring, right?..and it would complicate life rather than simplify it. In Mobile Banking though, it is soo dope.

Anywhere in the world, when you turn on the Standard Chattered App it will help you locate the nearest ATM or Bank Branch. Plus, your relationship with your account is unbroken. How cool is that?

Y’all Ninjas have to jump on this wave, imagine opening a completely free Bank Account with just your Selfie and National ID in just 15 minutes and accessing over 70 requests.

Download the App from the PlayStore or the AppStore and you will thank me after.

Don’t get me started on the freebies that come with the Digital Life Account. It’s too good an offer yet true!